Tuesday, December 8, 2020


My teaser this week is from Scintilla, an urban fantasy/paranormal romance thriller.

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Brandon is a magical human with the ability to control electricity. Raul is a werewolf. Bissett is the leader of the human trafficking ring they're trying to infiltrate and bring down.

Bisset sighed and Brandon heard him move away, returning a few minutes later. A file folder was dropped onto the desk in front of Brandon. Bisset leaned over Brandon’s shoulder, close enough Brandon felt the heat from his body. Brandon’s shiver was almost impossible to suppress. Bisset flipped the folder open and spread three photos out across the desk beside the keyboard.

“What can you find on these kids?”

Bisset’s breath smelled of garlic and cheese.

Raul stretched his arms in front of him, clasped his fingers together and cracked his knuckles.

“Move,” he growled.

Brandon glanced far enough to the side to see Raul push Bisset away. Raul situated himself behind Brandon and said roughly, “Okay, Sparky, get to work.”

Brandon shoved the keyboard away, dragged the computer tower closer and scooted the chair as close to the desk as possible before he put one finger over a USB port and another against the modem port. Raul put his fingers in position around Brandon’s neck and waited while Brandon extended his electrical field outward. The gasp and nervous snicker from their audience told Brandon they’d seen the blue haze begin to pulsate between Brandon and Raul.

He let his shoulders slump and body relax into Raul’s connection with his electric field. As long as he concentrated on his task and not how his body reacted to Raul’s phantom touch, they’d be safe… he hoped. He gave himself a mental shake and studied the photographs in front of him.

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