Thursday, August 26, 2021

Who Doesn't Love a Cowboy? Nowhere to Hide by Andrew Grey

 Nowhere to Hide released on August 24.  Its the second story in the Nowhere to Ride series.  I love this story.  It has a city slicker and a ranch foreman who can't seem to decide if they want to kill each other or jump each other's bones.  Since a romance, you can figure out what happens in the end.

Some years ago Dominic and I went on a trip out west to South Dakota.  While we were there I found a place where we could go on a trail ride.  The horses knew the way and we got to spend some time on a horse.  It was cool. The most amazing thing was that it was the first time Dominic had ever been on a horse.  For a few hours at least. we got to pretend we were cowboys.  Now that was fun.  

Stylish Sinclair Llewelling has little contact with his family, but he loves his cousin Lilly very much, and agrees to help her plan the elegant country wedding of her dreams. There’s just one problem: the foreman of the ranch where the wedding is to take place.
Former rodeo cowboy Dawson West takes his job very seriously, and he doesn’t appreciate anyone who gets in the way. Ranching is in his blood, and the people he works for are like family to him, so when Sinclair and his plans add to his work, he isn’t quiet about making his displeasure known.
Sinclair and Dawson have more in common than they realize, including a strong work ethic, horses, and spines of steel. Their fighting shifts to mutual respect, and heat flares as they see past each other’s walls to the men beneath. Just as Sinclair is getting a taste for ranch life, problems at his late father’s business pull him away from the cowboy who has lassoed him in. They’ll need to team back up to balance jobs, ranch, wedding, and what their hearts want.

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Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Snake In the Castle 99¢! By BL Maxwell

The Snake In The Castle

BL Maxwell

Sixteen-year-old Jayden Sutton is looking forward to time off from school for spring break. Lots of time to sleep-in and take it easy. When a last-minute trip to Cancun presents itself, Jayden and his family are excited to go. The idea of a week at the beach sounds like heaven, and he can’t wait to experience all there is to do at the tropical paradise.

Hadwin Patil lives in Cancun with his family. His father has passed down his love and knowledge of their Maya heritage, and for Hadwin it’s more than a passing interest. When he spots a red-haired boy about his age on a tour of the ancient city of Chichén Itzá, he’s drawn to him, and soon they’re enjoying the sites together with his unique insights and knowledge.

A chance meeting or fate, only the two of them can decide if it lasts longer than Jayden’s vacation. A Young Adult novel centered around the Spring Equinox, the magic of Chichén Itzá, and young love. #youngadult #youngadult #friendstolovers #LGBTyoungadult #comingofage  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Balancing Act - Coming August 3 from Andrew Grey

Balancing Act is the follow up to Heavy Lifting, and the second title in the Jocks and Geeks series.  It releases August 3 and is inspired by the fact that I'm very much a geek at heart.  I think I always was, so it does my heart good to see these boys getting their happy ever after.  

Freelance computer genius Trent Marcus took a web development job he wishes he hadn’t, and now he’s in a world of hurt. With his safety threatened, he needs someone who can protect him from his client, who responds to “no” with threats and intimidation.

Personal trainer and silver fox Collin Fitzpatrick gave part of his leg for his country, and now his ex is selling his home, so he needs a place to live quickly. He hears from mutual friends that Trent has a room he can use and needs Collin’s help. Neither Trent nor Collin is looking for a relationship, but attraction ignites for Trent, and it’s returned, to Trent’s surprise.

The last thing Collin expects is for his protective instincts to blossom into something much more. Trent’s care and genuineness combine to heal the heart his ex left shattered. As the task of keeping Trent safe becomes more paramount, so does the realization that failing could cost both of them everything.

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TRENT MARKUS glanced over his shoulder for the tenth time in the last few minutes. His heart pounded in his ears as he walked faster, trying to get to his friend’s apartment. Footsteps behind him made Trent jump and sweat break out on the back of his neck, and it took all his willpower not to break into a run. Not that it would do any good, because in these shoes, he wasn’t going anywhere. He loved them, but they were a little too small. It wasn’t enough to stop him—it just meant that if he wanted all his toes, he needed to walk. Though right about now, he might give up a toe or two to save his stupid neck.

He turned again and slowed down. It was only a man and a woman walking down the sidewalk. They were even holding hands and stuff. As he reached Marti’s apartment, he headed up the walk and reached the door just as his phone chimed. He pulled it out, then nearly dropped it between his fingers.

I’m still waiting. I already paid, and I expect what you promised me. You know what will happen if you don’t deliver.

The message was followed by a gif of an exploding bomb.

Trent rang the bell and put his phone back in his pocket. He had no idea what he was going to do, but he knew there was no way he could deliver what Soren wanted. Why in the hell had he gotten involved with a guy like that? He should have known the guy was bad by the money he offered, and now Soren was going to pull Trent and his hopes for the future of his business right down the toilet before it really had a chance to start.

He rang the bell again, glancing from side to side, shifting his weight and hating that he was standing under the light. It made him feel exposed and even more vulnerable. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end, as though someone were watching him. It was probably only his imagination, which had been running wild a lot lately with Milwaukee’s version of the son of the Godfather after him. Okay, maybe that was exaggerating, but only a little. Soren Severson wasn’t Italian, but that didn’t seem to be an impediment to his nastiness.

He rang once more, and this time the door buzzed. Trent pulled it open, hurried inside, and waited for it to click locked behind him before walking down the hall to the rear first-floor apartment of what had once been a block of stunning Victorian-era apartments. He knocked on the door, and Marti opened it. Trent raced in and stood, tense as hell, in the foyer. “I’m sorry for calling and everything, but I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, sit down,” Marti said. “You’re as jumpy as a cat. What’s going on?” He went to the tiny kitchen and returned with a couple beers, then motioned to the sofa. Marti sat and opened a beer, handing Trent the other one, and put his feet up on the old, scarred coffee table.

“You know I’m trying to get this business off the ground. Downsizing sucks, and I tried to get another job, but no one is hiring right now. So I thought that lots of people have websites, but they can’t keep them updated and the software current. I thought I’d start a web development and maintenance service. People would pay a flat rate per month, and I would support their website. I’ve already got about ten clients. I figured I could also do web design, photography work… all of that. I put up my own website and advertised on Facebook and stuff.” Trent took a sip of beer and set the bottle on the table. He thought he was going to throw it right back up.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

New Audio Release--BL Maxwell


New Audio Release!

Stone Hearts (The Stone Series Book 3)

BL Maxwell




The Stone Series, now complete!

Series Link:

Two Guardians meant for war are now given the permission to love. After the last battle had been fought, and any threats have been eliminated, the watcher decrees that the guardians should go forth and live as they would choose. A life of freedom and happiness. But without a mate some of them have no idea how to accomplish this.

Aasim helped Jashik through the mending of his broken wing and his feelings for the injured gargoyle grew during the time they spent together. Aasim does not trust easily, but he has complete faith in Jashik, so when they’re told they should go and enjoy any happiness they can, he’s eager, but also a little hesitant as they decide to begin a life together. Neither of them has a mate, so the prospect of not being alone for eternity is very appealing to him, but still, he’s afraid to open his heart to the other gargoyle.

They were promised a lifetime of peace, but the arrival of an old forgotten foe brings all the gargoyles together to fight against a force that is strong enough to destroy everything they’ve worked so hard for. Love or duty, now they’ll all need to choose.

(All three books in The Stone Series center around gargoyles who have been brought to life to serve as guardians. Their lives of service change when they are given the opportunity to love. Each book can be read as a standalone but best read in order.)

#gargoyles #vampires #mates #paranormalfantasy #mmfantasy 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Now Available for Preorder: Never Underestimate an Omega -- Eden Winters

In the past, I've written bear shifters, fox shifters, possum shifters, and even elk shifters. It's been a while, though, since I've written wolf shifters. Now I have a brand-new book for you: Never Underestimate an Omega. It's currently available for preorder at Amazon, releasing August 1. So, if you're in the mood for some good, old-fashioned werewolf loving, look no further! 

An alpha leader must have an alpha mate, but Gray wants only one man.

And that man is an omega.

Wolf shifter Gray Collins returns to his home pack to avenge his father’s murder, never expecting to take on the role of leader. Gray is a loner with no desire to tackle the politics of being Pack Alpha. Worse yet, he falls for the man he’s come to depend on—omega Logan Richardson.

According to pack lore, omegas are inferior, nothing more than lowly servants. Or are they? Logan is far too cunning, fierce, and bold to be a low-ranking wolf. While he keeps his head down in public, when they’re alone, Logan stands toe-to-toe with Gray like no one else dares. Mutual respect grows into friendship, friendship into a white-hot desire neither can fight.

Despite the law and the odds, the two wolves form a tentative bond. Together they lead the pack through strife and threats, all while keeping a secret—a secret that could get them both killed, and plunge the pack back into the savage dark ages.

The entire Lycan world is on the brink of a hard-won lesson: Never underestimate the relentless force of an omega.

This story contains no mpreg. Find it here at Amazon

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Chains Required 99¢ Sale! - BL Maxwell

I'm part of the Christmas in July promotion along with more than 40 other MM authors. Check them all out here.

Christmas In July!

99¢ July 1-31

Christmas books from 40 different MM authors. Don’t miss out. 

Chains Required

BL Maxwell

Rio and Caden have been together for a few years now. It’s a rare weekend they get to spend alone. When Rio suggests they get away to Tahoe for the weekend a few weeks before Christmas, Caden is too excited to even think of saying no. They start their trip and even though they think they’ve planned for every emergency, they can’t control what Mother Nature has in store for them.

When the car in front of them spins out in the newly fallen snow, they stop to help and soon find out that Caden’s not as alone in this world as he had originally thought. A few more planned surprises make for a special weekend for these hard-working guys who really deserve a weekend getaway. #vacationromance #mmromance #loveislove #truelove 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Tutu Part of the Malicious Gods: Egypt Series- Paranormal/Urban Fantasy by BL Maxwell


New Release!

Tutu (Malicious Gods: Egypt)

BL Maxwell

Series Link:

Kit Nelson was thrown into the world of demons and cults as a child. He’s learned to depend on no one, and to do all he can to keep himself safe from dark forces. If he wants to survive, he can’t trust anyone else with his life. He knows what the demons who hunt him have in mind for him, and he’ll fight it every step of the way.

Tommy Smythe and his sister Lola have been fighting what they know is a rising tide of evil for years. They’re prepared with all their paranormal weaponry, including the assistance of an ancient god who has fought demons his whole existence. Tutu, the Egyptian god and Master of Demons has chosen Tommy to be his vessel and his sword when needed to destroy any and all demons.

A new threat ripples through the dark underworld, one that will be felt across all mankind. A demon has chosen one whose body he will use to return to the land of the living. But only if Kit, Tommy, and Lola can’t stop him. Only Tutu has the power and knowledge to protect them from the demon Rerek, and he also knows even with his help, this is not going to be an easy battle to win. #paranormalfantasy #urbanfantasy #mmparanormal #mmseries #demonhunter 

Welcome to the dark world of Malicious Gods: Egypt. A collection of mm standalone modern tales, both magical and non-magical, featuring deities from Ancient Egypt. You’ll find reincarnated Gods, assassins, gangs, madness, and different realities.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Nowhere to Ride - Cowboys, Dogs, Passion and Intrigue - Andrew Grey

Nowhere To Ride just released this morning.  Its my latest western and has the things I really love.  Sexy cowboys of course, horses, a pack of amazing mutts, passion, and a touch of intrigue.  What more could you want?



Unjustly accused of a crime, Ky Archer is trying to keep his ranch together, with fierce tenacity and minimal help. With his nefarious accuser the lead wolf at the door, Ky is resolved to do whatever he has to in order to keep the final link with his family intact.

Brodie Tyler is down on his luck--way down. Down enough to camp with his baby sister in a tent to get away from relatives he’d hoped would help him. His parents are gone and he's got nowhere to go, but he’s determined to keep his sister safe with him, no matter what.

Ky finds Brodie and Emily on his property and takes them in out of the storm… literally. Neither expects the heat that ignites between them to be as hot as the western sun. The men find they fit together well, both at work and in the bedroom. They also find they have a common enemy who tries to tear them apart. Working together, they might discover that each holds the key for the other’s desire.


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Brodie figured it was best if he just kept quiet. Since arriving a few days ago, it hadn’t taken him long to learn that his family wasn’t particularly well liked, and they had a reach that scared the hell out of him.

“If Jake Tyler was your cousin, would you advertise?” he asked, hoping to deflect the question. Once the storm was over and Emily had had a chance to rest, the two of them would get back on the road and he’d figure out what he was going to do next. One thing was for sure: he needed to get as far away from Jacob and his greedy, grabby wife as he possibly could.

Emily at least had stopped fussing and was filling her belly. Brodie had done his best to see to it that she had enough to eat. He’d used what little money he had to get her food. It had been simple fare for the last few days, but he’d done what he could. And now that she had eaten, Emily leaned against him and closed her eyes, holding her sippy cup.

“Do you want to put her down so she can rest?” Ky asked. “Poor little thing is just worn out.”

“In a minute, if that’s okay,” Brodie answered, and dug into his pasta, the hunger of the past few days taking him by surprise. He had to slow himself down or he’d eat too fast and make himself sick. At least that’s what his mother used to say.

“Go ahead and eat. I made plenty,” Ky said as he dished out some fruit.

Brodie continued eating, glancing at Ky when he thought the other man wasn’t looking. Ky was a strong man; that was plain by the way his shirt clinched his arms. He also had really broad shoulders and big brown eyes that peered out from under black hair that had grown long and flopped into his face sometimes. Brodie took another bite and couldn’t help looking again. Ky’s skin seemed almost as weathered as the fence posts he and Emily had passed in the car. But as harsh and angular as his face was, there was something kind in his eyes, and that had been the only reason he had done what Ky had said and come here. Storm or not, he had almost turned the other way at the main road and just kept going.

Emily slept as Brodie ate all he could. He didn’t know when he was going to eat again, so he wanted to make the most of it. The others had already finished, and Brodie sat back, cradling Emily against him and letting himself relax for a few minutes anyway. “Thank you,” he told Ky, knowing his mama would be looking down and very upset if he forgot his manners.

“If you want, you can lay her down on the sofa in the living room. There’s a blanket in there, and she’ll be okay.”

Brodie carried her in, and Emily rolled onto her side just as soon as he spread the hand-crocheted blanket over her. One of the three dogs jumped up onto the sofa and lay down near the end, while the two larger ones stayed on the floor. It seemed they were intent on watching over his sister.

“She’ll be okay. Misty will watch over her. And it seems the others have decided to hold a vigil as well.” Ky gently patted each one. “They’re all good dogs and won’t hurt her.”

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Preorder Tending Tyler!


Preorder Tending Tyler now!


An insta-family/found family romance set (mostly) on a ranch in Texas, featuring a steady, hunky rancher and an overwhelmed city boy. 

If you enjoyed Keeping Promises, you'll love Tending Tyler!

Bartender, Tyler McKeehan, feels like his whole life is on hold. All he does is work and sleep, because he just doesn’t know how to move on with his day to day after the shocking loss of his best friend. When he meets Matt at Les’s Bar where he works in New York, though, he thinks he might have found someone who can nudge him out of his rut. The cowboy seems to live on fast forward, but at the same time, this kind, generous man makes Tyler feel wanted and safe.

Ranch owner, Matthew Whitehead, is just in New York for a visit. But when he runs into Tyler at Les’s Bar, he can tell right away that Tyler is special. Matt’s family thinks he makes snap decisions, and they worry about him, but he knows what he wants, and even after just a few days, he’s willing to fight to keep Tyler in his life. When Matt has to head back to Texas, he tells Tyler to come visit him and meet his kids. Soon.

Tyler doesn’t know if he can just pick up and go to Texas, but he misses Matt’s affection and calming presence, so when life gets too overwhelming, he makes the call. Between Matt’s huge, boisterous family, his children, his busy ranch, and the vast differences between New York City and Texas, Tyler wonders if he should go back to his old life every day. Matt is determined to keep Tyler right where he is, but can they overcome the odds against them and make a new life together?

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Jocks, Geeks, and Love - Oh My

Heavy Lifting is now available for your reading pleasure.  Some time ago I was going to the gym every day.  I can't any more because getting older really stinks,  but that's another story.  When I was going to the gym, I was around a number of really hot and built guys and became friends with most of the people at the gym.  It was great.  And when I sat down to start this story, I decided that I wanted one of those guys as a main character because well... who wouldn't.  And being a geek at heart, I paired him with the skinny kid who always got shoved in the locker.  I guess I really love an opposites attract kind of story.  

Would-be journalist Reg Applewhite is a slight, geeky guy who knows from high school experience that he’s the perfect size to be shoved into a locker. He writes for his sister’s fashion and gossip blogs and is very understandably reluctant when assigned to cover a local bodybuilding competition for material.

Jack Ponte is a physical god, with a perfect body, poise, and intense eyes. But it’s his grace that captures Reg’s attention, and when Reg asks for an interview, Jack agrees. After all, he’s looking for a life after bodybuilding, and Reg’s blogs offer a chance at something less fleeting.

During the interview, they discover mutual interests in fashion and video games that lead to friendship and deeper feelings neither expects. Reg finds it hard to believe that a god-man like Jack would see anything in him, and Jack is just as shocked when Reg seems to see beyond his looks to the person inside. But there is a price to pay for everything, and Jack draws the kind of unwanted attention that could threaten to pull them apart… or worse. Together they need to figure out a way to lift each other up and push through the challenges.

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“Nope. No fashion trip. God, it’s about as far away from that as possible. I’m covering a bodybuilding contest this Saturday. Some guy who is going to be there has reportedly been seen with Monica Graham.”

“You’re kidding. What’s his name?”

Reg didn’t have time to look up the details in his notes. “Something Ponte.” The last name was all he could remember.

“Jack Ponte?” Marti asked, barely able to contain himself.

Let the gushfest begin!

“Yeah. That’s him. Why?” Reg put the phone on speaker and set it on the passenger seat, then started the engine and getting out of the parking spot before the meter ran out and he got a ticket.

“Because according to the pictures on the web, that guy is drop-dead gorgeous. Jack’s got a face that would stop traffic, and eyes….” He was probably fanning himself; Marti had a tendency to do that. “And that body. He could bench press me any time he wanted to.”

“Good lord.”

“I just texted you links. You need to take a look at this man. If he’s going to be there, holy cow.” Marti let out a hoot. “I just found some pictures of him on stage, and let me tell you, there is no doubt. This guy is all man, from head to toe and all the important bits in between. Whoa, mama.”

Reg pulled up to a light, but Marti was still talking a mile a minute.

“I want to go with you. How many passes did Isabelle give you?”

“I’m not sure. I just took what she handed me, too shocked by the whole thing to really give them much thought.” Now he was back to that damned locker room thing, and he could smell the inside of that metal box, with the socks that had probably not been washed for a decade.

“Then check. Because I’m going too. I want to see if this guy is like his pictures. And if he is, well, maybe I can separate him from the other beefcake and see if he might be up for a good, long ride.”

Reg sighed. “If I have an extra pass, and if you come with me, you will not be making passes at the contestants. You’ll have to behave yourself and leave your flaming asshole at home. I’m supposed to be working, so if you come along, then you’ll be working too. So keep it in your pants and let me get home so I can figure out how I’m going to handle this. Besides, the guy was seen with a reality star—a girl—so it isn’t likely that the particular beefcake you’re drooling over enough to short out your computer would be interested in someone like us.”

“Ah-ha… like us. So you are interested in seeing what’s up with this guy.”

Reg should have picked his words more carefully, and he ground his teeth for a second. “Just because someone is hot and all doesn’t mean that I’m going off on some flight of complete fantasy about him. Control your hormones, or so help me, I’ll go alone.”

“So I am going?” Marti pressed, and Reg grabbed what his sister had given him when he stopped at a light.

Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.

Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Author Links

Amazon Author Page

Barnes and Noble Page

Dreamspinner Press


Facebook Group All the Way with Andrew Grey


Twitter @andrewgreybooks


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tuesday Teaser: A Barlow Lens


A Barlow Lens is a story told in two timelines. This teaser is from the present.

Wyatt turned when he heard movement behind him, expecting to see Lily had returned. It wasn’t Lily, and the person who now confronted him caused him to square his shoulders, straighten his spine, and sidestep so he was between the newcomer and Val. “Kevin,” Wyatt said. It was an effort to keep his tone cordial.

“Wyatt,” Kevin replied, voice tight. His gaze slid almost at once to Val, who’d turned away from the telescopes, taken a few steps toward them, and froze.

“This is Kevin Fells,” Wyatt said, turning far enough to look at Val. “Vladimir Mihalic, my fiancé.”

Val stepped forward, held out his hand, and shot Wyatt a curious look. Clearly he caught the fact Wyatt introduced him as Vladimir not Val. He smiled at Kevin.

Kevin looked Val up and down, shrugged, and walked to the bar. He snatched a glass from the table and a bottle of whiskey from the bar. He poured more than a shot’s worth into the glass and downed it, then poured another one. Wyatt resisted the urge to shake his head. Kevin had already smelled of booze when he came in, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“So, my brother is barely cold in his grave and you get yourself a brand new boy toy.” Kevin’s voice was so cold Wyatt had to make a conscious effort not to shudder.

The smile slid off Val’s face. His arm dropped to his side. It took Wyatt a few seconds to recover and react. Closing the distance between them fast enough that Kevin wouldn’t have time to back away, Wyatt grabbed Kevin by one arm and pulled them together. He used a hard enough grip and jerked down with enough pressure Kevin gasped.

“You never even came to Jack’s funeral, and I’ll wager you don’t even know where his grave is,” Wyatt said in a low voice. “Don’t talk to me like I’m the one who did anything wrong. I’m the person who took care of him right to the end.”

“Hey, hey, don’t.” Val had one arm between them, pushing back against Wyatt’s chest. “It’s not worth it.”

Wyatt ignored Val. When Kevin tried yanking free, Wyatt tightened his hold. “Don’t you ever talk to him”—he dipped his head at Val—“like that again. Better not forget I know a helluva lot about you that Lily doesn’t, and I’m sure you never want her finding those facts out.” He let go of Kevin, giving him a shove, and stepped back at the same time.

“You can’t threaten me,” Kevin snarled.

“Funny, I think I just did,” Wyatt snapped back. “And that’s not a threat; it’s a promise.”

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tuesday Teaser

 My Tuesday Teaser today is from Strays, a scifi/romance.

More people were rushing at the shore from the vans, having shed their assault uniforms. Pierre let go and Daniel reached the water slapping on the shore as the diver surfaced, Kyle dangling from his arms, coughing and sputtering.

When his feet touched on the sand, Kyle stumbled away from the diver and at Daniel. Someone was shouting for blankets and dry clothes. Someone else was calling for one of the vans to be brought closer.

Grabbing Kyle’s arm, Daniel started yanking on his jacket and sweatshirt, pulling them off. “You need this stuff off now.”

“H-her-re, in fr-fr-front of every-bo-o-dy?” Kyle grinned but let Daniel tug his clothes off.

“Shut it! What the hell stupid thing were you thinking?” He looked around. “I need blankets over here now!”

Kyle’s teeth were chattering and the second he was stripped from the waist up, he wrapped both arms around his chest, hugging himself. His abs sucked inward, giving a concave look to his form, curving up in a smooth line to his expanding and contracting chest.

Pierre rushed up, Daniel’s gear slung over one arm. He must have gone back and retrieved it once Kyle was out of the water and Daniel in no danger of going in after him. “This kid of yours is a real trooper, Dan.”

“He’s not my—” Daniel turned to snap at him, but looked back and saw Kyle’s face. All of his anger flooding out of him, replaced by relief and a surge of pride. Daniel put his hand on the back of Kyle’s neck. “He sure is.” Giving Kyle’s neck a squeeze, he nodded at him. “You did good.”

Kyle grinned like a loon. Digging in his pocket, he pulled his hand out and extended it, palm up. “I- I- I- g-g-g-got-t it-t,” Kyle announced between the chattering of his teeth.

Strays is available on Amazon and is in Kindle Unlimited.