Saturday, November 6, 2021

Trapped in a blizzard. Stalked by a killer!


Tyler McCall made a mistake that cost him his job, his freedom and everything he’d worked for. 

Now he’s living in the Black Hills of Wyoming, working two jobs and doing his best to not dwell on what he’s lost.

Linden Bourne is a no-nonsense FBI agent. His hunt for a killer takes him to Wyoming, he has questions for Tyler. Linden quickly realizes Tyler isn’t a suspect, but the next likely victim. 

When he and Tyler they become trapped by a blizzard in an empty inn near Devils Tower they discover they’re not alone. The killer has targeted Tyler and won’t let a little detail like an unexpected visit by the FBI stop what they’ve planned to do. Linden is completely out of his element, but he’s sworn to protect and that’s exactly what he plans to do: protect Tyler at all costs.

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