Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Freezing Aversion is Live!


Available Now!

Freezing Aversion

Consortium Series Book 2

BL Maxwell

Book 1 only 99¢

Book 2

The cold isn’t the only killer in the wilderness.

Benjamin Coulton is a tracker employed by the Consortium, the ruling counsel

of vampires. When he’s sent to investigate a rogue vampire killing indiscriminately in a remote region of Alaska. Bad weather hampers his effort and he loses the vampire he’s been tasked to find.

Leon Davis and his friend Trevor agreed to be winter caretakers for several cabins and a fishing lodge, thinking it would be easy money. They settle into their daily routine of checking the cabins for animal break-ins, or broken water pipes, and prepare for a long winter.

Until a run in with a vampire changes everything.

Ben finds a newly turned vampire left for dead by the rogue vampire, and suddenly Ben's mission changes course. In the freezing wilderness of Alaska, he uncovers more truths and the mate he'd always longed for... and now the vampire he was tasked to find is hunting them. #MMParanormalRomance #vampire #fatedmate #thriller #forcedproximity

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